VIA SMS Group registers new bond issue and offers current bondholders the exchange

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In accordance with the shareholders’ decision No. 2019/70, JSC VIA SMS group has registered new unsecured bonds issue (ISIN LV0000880094) in the form of private placement. Bonds with total issue size up to EUR 10 000 000 will be offered to a limited scope of investors; the annual coupon rate of bonds is set to 10% and maturity date – as of May 22, 2022. The issuer plans to include bonds on the alternative market “First North Baltic Bond List”, and funds that will be raised within the bonds issue will be used for the refinancing of current bonds (ISIN LV0000802064) and in the ordinary course of business development of the company. The minimum subscription size is EUR 100 000 for each potential investor.

Since current bonds will mature on May 27, 2019, AS VIA SMS group offers existing bondholders to continue investing into debt securities issued by the company. During the initial subscription period, current bondholders, who hold bonds with a total nominal value of at least EUR 100 thousand, will have a chance to exchange current bonds with ISIN LV0000802064 to new bonds with ISIN LV0000880094. Exchange ratio (nominal amount of new bonds per nominal amount of current bonds) is 1:1, respectively, one current bond with nominal of EUR 1 000 will be exchanged with one new bond with nominal of EUR 1 000.

Current bondholders who will participate in the exchange offer will receive the last coupon payment for bonds with ISIN LV0000802064 on May 27, 2019, since the exchange date is set on May 22, 2019, which is after the record date of current bonds. All other current bondholders who are not willing to participate or do not qualify for the exchange, due to minimum investment requirement set to EUR 100 000, will receive both the principal and the coupon payment on May 27, 2019, according to the existing bond prospectus.

In order to apply for the bond exchange, the bondholders of ISIN LV0000802064 must, from the date of this notice until May 20, 2019 at 17:00 (Latvian time), apply to their bond custodian bank and submit an order in accordance with the Nasdaq CSD Corporate Events Rules. To get acquainted with the terms of the new bond issue, please contact the Chief Financial officer of AS VIA SMS group Viktorija Ratačova (viktorija.ratacova@viasmsgroup.com phone +371 66102924).