Czech VIASMS.cz upgrades its lending product to a credit line

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VIA SMS Group daughter company VIASMS.cz providing consumer lending services in Czechia has upgraded its lending product by introducing a credit line – consumer loan with an open-ended agreement and flexible repayment terms. From now on Czech customers will have access to a more convenient consumer lending product tailored to fit the needs of each customer. From now on VIASMS.cz will offer a credit line up to 60 000 CZK with a possibility to repay all loan amount in the first 30 days or make a minimum monthly payment until the full amount of the loan is repaid. Moreover, the credit line will allow customers to increase the amount of a loan provided that all requirements are met.

VIASMS.cz has been operating in Czechia since 2010 and over the years has gained a stable position within the Czech consumer lending market. VIASMS.cz also lists its loans on the P2P platform VIAINVEST making them available for investments with an interest rate of 11% annually.