VIALET launches credit line in Poland

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One of the most promising brands represented by the VIA SMS Group, VIALET has recently launched credit line up to 7100 PLN for customers in Poland. Up until now VIALET has been providing easy and accessible digital banking solutions for personal finance management, but in order to expand its services portfolio the company has launched its first lending product in cooperation with VIASMS.pl which is also a daughter company of VIA SMS Group.

Credit line is a consumer loan with an open-ended agreement which allows customers to request additional amount before full loan repayment and choose loan repayment terms that fits individual needs the best – either to repay full loan amount within 30 days or make scheduled monthly payment until the full amount is repaid. Polish customers will receive the loan in Polish Zloty directly issued to their VIALET account and it will automatically be available for payments using VIALET payments card. Poland is the first EU country where VIALET launches such product with other countries already in the pipeline.

VIALET was established in 2017 with a mission to provide private users and existing clientele of the Group with digital banking alternative, make the major financial services cheaper and easier to use in the modern and fast world. With VIALET, users can set up an app-based current account in minutes, order free contactless Mastercard, send and receive money instantly with no hidden fees.

More information about VIALET can be found here: www.vialet.eu.