A New Chapter of VAMO Philippines Development

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VIA SMS Group, together with Twino, have opted to combine our collaborative efforts to develop the VAMO Philippines’ lending market further. Those familiar with VIA SMS Group’s past initiatives will recall the significant progress achieved together in Vietnam with the landing brand VAMO.vn. Using that successful experience, our dedicated teams are now prepared to use their combined expertise into the VAMO Philippines’ lending sector.

For context: In 2019, we collaborated with Twino to introduce the consumer lending brand VAMO in Vietnam. JSC VIA SMS group and TWINO Ltd. entered into a joint venture on equal terms, sharing 50% of the business each. This project highlighted the combined efforts and shared objectives between our entities. Based on this past collaboration, we now approach the Philippines’ lending sector with optimism and experience-based insights.

To valued VIAINVEST investors, a significant development regarding the partnership with VAMO.ph warrants your attention. Notably, starting September 11, new loans from VAMO.ph will no longer be listed on the VIAINVEST platform. Additionally, a formal agreement has been reached by which VAMO.ph, as the loan originator, commits to promptly redeem the previously issued asset-backed securities and to ensure the invested funds are returned in a timely manner. Regarding the Business Loan, its agreement conditions remain unchanged.

As we navigate this next chapter, our focus remains on discovering and assessing opportunities in the financial sector. Keep an eye out for further updates.