Timeline of events

VAMO.vn hits the milestone of 1000 issued loans


VIASMS.cz lending product is updated to the credit line


VIAINVEST enters the final phase of licensing process; aims to acquire IBF license


VIALET obtains Mastercard Principal Membership License


VIALET launches credit line in Poland


VIAINVEST expands its investor community to 20 000 registered members

Mission and values

VIA SMS Group mission is to provide simple and accessible alternative financial services by delivering transparency, building trust and bringing positive change by educating society on making smart financial decisions.


Our priority is a relationship build on mutual trust, so we highly value anonymity and confidentiality of our customers. We ensure transparent cooperation environment and outstanding customer service.


VIA SMS Group offers solutions that are simple and accessible to everyone. To ensure assistance in any financial emergency the company guarantees one of the fastest services available on the market.


Customers are the most valuable asset, so VIA SMS Group has taken years to develop products and services that are milled to perfection.

responsible lending

VIA SMS Group encourages responsible lending and aims to educate customers on responsible financial decision making. The core elements of the company’s responsible lending policy are


Our business is built on clear and open communication with customers. All fees (if any), as well as interest rates, are publicly available and explained on product web pages.


We are interested in encouraging well-being of our customers, so every clientcase is based on in-depth analysis of possible risks according to existing regulations and complex risk evaluation criteria. Within this process, we guarantee our customer data protection and anonymity.

Regulatory assurance

VIA SMS Group is operating in a government regulated business environment and diligently ensures compliance with existing regulatory framework is enforced.

Company Culture

We believe that providing outstanding services means taking care of our employees first. It is important for us that everyone is on the same page. As such we work closely together and tear down the borders between management and staff, between IT and PR, between data science and marketing. There is no talent among us that would go to waste when reaching the goal.

We spend more than 1920 hours per year at the office, so we make sure to have fun while working and work while having fun. It is company’s responsibility to go the extra mile to make every employee happy. VIA SMS Group organizes and takes a part in various activities, so everyone can find something that fits their interests.

Managment team
Eduards Lapkovskis

Member of the Board

Deniss Šerstjukovs

Member of the Board

Georgijs Krasovickis

Member of the Board

Tamāra Hakova

Chief Financial Officer

Jeļena Antipova

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitrijs Ļvovs

Head of Risk Management Department

Alīna Puzikova

Head of Business Intelligence

Inese Otersone

Chief Legal Officer

Igors Prokofjevs

Head of Marketing Department

Tatjana Kulapina

Head of Product

Simona Lucatniece

Head of Communications / Investment Platform Lead

Jūlija Šulmane

HR Manager